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Q: When do I need to place the order?

A: Order by Friday noon

Q: How to place your order?

A: Pick your meat, side, salad,  dessert, add-on, or wrap.

A: Add to cart

A: Pay for items

Q: Where and what time to pick up the meal?

A: Choose  your pick-up location

Bowie Town Center - 1 pm (15606 Emerald Way, Bowie, MD 20716)

Brandywine - 12 pm (7710 Matapeake Business Dr, Brandywine, MD 20613)

***Delivery charge $10

Q: What day is pick up?

A: Delivery - Sunday

Al La Carte options for different lifestyles:

 Keto, No Carb, Low Carb, Diabetes diets.  

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