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Meet Melica

Born in Jamaica Queens, New York, to Guyanese parents, Melica was drawn to her mother’s kitchen, where love was delivered as food.


When Melica was in the 11th grade at Eleanor Roosevelt High School, being 16 years old, she lived independently and began providing for herself. During this time, she wanted to be a Pernatal Nurse. After the 11th grade, Melica decided to pursue her dream and registered herself to attend Bladensburg High School for the Nursing program for her 12th grade. Her flexible schedule allowed her to work two jobs to maintain the home she was left to care for. With the sale of her parent's home, she became homeless and slept in her car for months. Melica kept pushing through all the trials that tried to keep her down and still graduated with honors 4.0 with a Geriatric Nursing Assistant certification. After graduating, Melica started working at a doctor's office full-time. To make ends meet, Melica had to work three jobs to provide for herself. Being a Geriatric Nursing Assistant wasn’t enough with life’s struggles, so Melica gave up her primary dream and pursued her secondary dream with a passion for food.   


There, she realized her deep appreciation for the culinary arts, especially for authentic Caribbean and American Cuisines. To pursue her secondary dream of cooking, Melica attended Stratford University for Culinary Arts to perfect her craft. After graduating with her ASSOCIATE DEGREE, MAGNA CUM LAUDE, Melica put her aspiration for fine cuisine into action.


Armed with a dream and her mother’s gift of “throwing down in the kitchen,” Melica started her own catering business called Zest~n~Spice Cuisine in 2007.


Zest~n~Spice Cuisine has had the privilege of catering exclusive events ranging from weddings, graduation, church events, and private events to charity fundraisers, corporate luncheons, and NFL celebrity events.


Zest~n~Spice Cuisine is your preferred professional personal chef and caterer for all events.


Passion about using flavors and spices, Zest~n~Spice Cuisine offers a broad palette that includes vegan, vegetarian, and traditional cuisines that will make any event unforgettable.

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