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Meet Melica
Born in Jamaica Queens, New York to Guyanese parents, Melica was
drawn to her mother’s kitchen where love was delivered in the form of food.
It was there that she realized her deep appreciation for the culinary arts;
especially for authentic Caribbean and American cuisines. To pursue her
dream of cooking, Melica attended the Stratford University for Culinary Arts
to perfect her craft. After graduating, Melica decided to put her passion for
fine cuisine into action. 
Armed with a dream and her mother’s gift of “throwin’ down in the kitchen,”
Melica started her own catering business, Zest~n~Spice Cuisine, in 2007.
Zest~n~Spice Cuisine has catered exclusive events that range from
graduation celebrations and baby showers to Charity Fundraisers,
Corporate Luncheons and NFL Celebrity Events.
Zest~n~Spice Cuisine is your preferred professional personal chef, private
chef and caterer for all types of events. Obsessed with flavors and spices,
Zest~n~Spice Cuisine offers a wide range palette that include vegan,
vegetarian and traditional cuisines that will make any event memorable.
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